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Our Summer Wine Club is a fling. There's no commitment. 

But wait,  is it a wine club?
Not really.
It's more like a party.

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HAZE 2021  NEW
ORANGE No 3  2021  NEW
MERLOT  2019

The 12-Pack will contain 2x each wine



BLANC  2021 (1x)  NEW

A new one for Plot – a Pinot Noir Blanc, or ‘Blanc de Noirs’ made by lightly pressing red grapes and wild-fermenting without skin contact. This bright, delicate wine brings floral notes of chamomile tea and young pear, with a beautifully long finish. 

HAZE 2021 (1x) NEW

Haze is an ever changing blend, this year featuring Kerner, a winter-hardy German hybrid bringing aromatics and bright acidity to the party. The other varieties were left on skins for 5-7 days, adding complexity, texture, and flashbacks of zesty lime margaritas.

 (1x)  NEW

Similar in style to our last 2020 vintage, this wild fermented Malbec rosé spent a bit less time on skins, while still bringing that signature nose of watermelon candies. Bottled unfined and unfiltered, it has a dynamic texture, flavours of salted guava, and a dry herbal finish. The south Okanagan Malbec grapes were so big and juicy they basically pressed themselves.

ORANGE No 3  2021
 (1x) NEW

It's back!  Our signature, wild fermented blend of Gewürztraminer and Muscat spent 19 days on skins, with a new friend added - Kerner. You'll get those familiar bursts of textured mango, jasmine, and orange peel, with some crispiness contributed by the Kerner.

MERLOT  2019

This wild-fermented beauty is reminiscent of a freshly baked blueberry pie with aromas of baking spice still lingering in the air. The palate is lively with a punch of raspberry, contrasted by dark and brooding notes of cacao and star anise on the finish.

The grapes for this medium-bodied Merlot came from three cooler-climate sites, contributing to its bright acidity and ‘drink-now’ style.


For those missing our Tempranillo Rose, here's where the juice went... 

We're stoked to be able share this very limited release with y'all. Grown in Kevin's own vineyard in Kaleden, our Tempranillo spent 14 months in neutral oak. true expression of this Spanish variety - you'll find earthy notes of rosemary, fig-leather, and black cherry jam – and very dry @ 2.72 g/L 

This is the first wine we've ever fined - gently softening the tannins in barrel by using a traditional French egg-white fining process. The eggs were sourced from our winemaker's own chickens that roam the Tempranillo vines. Similar to other fining methods used by almost every other winery, the egg-white is 'racked' out and does not end up in the bottle.

Only 2 barrels made!

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