2020 Visions


Beyond being generally excited to have launched a couple short months ago, we're getting close to releasing our first red – a Bordeaux style blend called Neighbour, and a skin-contact experiment with Gewurztraminer (Orange No.1)

Although the 2019 harvest was a bit challenging with the frost that came and lit a fire under most South Okanagan growers in October,  we didn't have a ton of trouble on our end and Kevin hit the brix he was after. But the cold made it a little less enjoyable hand picking, de-stemming and sorting close to 2 tons of Gewurztraminer for our orange wine. We had about five people spending 2 days performing the tedious act, and my OCD was delighted to see a bin full of perfectly clean, whole berries ready for their ferment. We'll be bottling it near the end of February and releasing in early April.  

Also to come this spring:

2019 Tempranillo Rose
2019 Pinot Noir Rose 
2019 Tempranillo
2019 Sauvignon Blanc


We're doing less volume of the 2019 Tempranillo Rose in order to do a barrel of classic, oaked Tempranillo - possibly for wine club only release. This and the Sauvignon Blanc both come from Kevin's own Kaleden vineyard that is currently undergoing organic transition.