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Plot makes minimal intervention wines of character using varietals from all over the sunny South Okanagan.

  • Autumn Club Pack 2022 - Plot Wines
  • Autumn Club Pack 2022 - Plot Wines

Autumn Club Pack 2022

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Our Fall Wine Club is a fling. There's no commitment.

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• Access to the last 60 bottles of Neighbour.

  1. What is Orange Wine and Skin Contact Wine?

    So, as you might already know, wine is made by pressing juice out of grapes. The type of grape used and the keeping or removing of skins on the fruit contribute to the taste and appearance of different varieties of wine...
  2. Blanc!

    'Blanc', or Blanc de Noirs is our white Pinot Noir made by quickly pressing and discarding the red skins, to maintain a light, bright and off-white wine.
  3. Harvest 2020

    What a year. Aside from the obvious difficulties for the entire world, it was an excellent growing year overall and we've got some exciting things in the pipeline set for spring release.