Plot makes minimal intervention wines of character using varietals from all over the sunny South Okanagan.

Our wines are a reflection of where they come from and have been guided, not forced, to their final state. This means sustainable farming practices, a lot of hand processing, and no additives other than minimal amounts of sulphur. 

The Journal

Picnic Season

Picnic season is upon us. And perhaps it's now more important than ever. I was talking with a friend recently about how picnics in general are basically the best part about living. They combine everything that's important into one relatively easy activity.

The Perfect Après-Ski Wine?

Rich, decadent, toasted macadamia nut, waxed honey, and après-ski. These are the things that come to mind when we taste our limited, 25-case release of 2018 Marsanne Roussanne Chardonnay.

2020 Visions

We're getting close to releasing our first Bordeaux-style blend Neighbour , and an orange wine that's our first skin contact experiment with Gewurztraminer.