About Us

We select fruit from the best plots of land we can find.

  • Plot Wines is a small winery in the Okanagan Valley created by vigneron Kevin Rossion, and creative Adam Kereliuk. Our name is a nod to our approach of sourcing an ever-changing roster of fruit from small plots of land – from our neighbours and partner growers across the valley.

  • Using minimal intervention and a low-tech approach, our wines are a reflection of where they come from and have been guided, not forced, to their final state.

  • We're don't actually have a tasting room where you can visit us in person. But who knows what the future holds ✨

Kevin Rossion

Vigneron / Winemaker

Kevin has worked the better part of the 2010's as a vineyard manager for multiple properties around the South Okanagan. While he's mostly taught himself about winemaking, there's been a couple special mentors along the way. His approach starts first in the vineyard, and carries through with a minimalist touch in the winery, striving to use as little intervention as possible.

Kevin grew up in Belgium and has lived and travelled all over Europe before settling down in Kaleden, BC with his wife Raina and two kids.

Adam Kereliuk

Director of Good Times

About a decade before Plot's first vintage in 2018, Kevin and Adam met and became friends while DJ'ing a series of igloo parties at Apex Mountain Resort, before climate change kicked in and they had to get real jobs.

Adam lives in Kelowna and runs a branding and creative studio focused on food and beverage (surprise surprise). When an opportunity came up for him and Kevin to become partners, Adam got to work creating a brand that could honestly represent the venture and the people involved:

"It's got to be funky"
-James Brown

Jayme Donohoe

All Seeing Eye / Marketing / Sales

How do we summarize this woman.. she does a LOT around here. She has her hand in marketing, sales, operations, and planning. Not sure if y'all have heard about Microsfot Excel but it's great and Jayme is a wizard at it – keeping Plot running!