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Piquette KEG

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19.5L KEG

7.6% alc⠀⠀
Tempranillo Malbec skins⠀⠀
Ferment started with honey ⠀⠀
Ruby red colour⠀⠀
Tastes like: watermelon

Piquette is made by adding water to grape pomace (the leftover skins, seeds, and stems of the fruit after the grapes are pressed in the winemaking process) and fermenting what’s left of the sugars. Employing byproduct that would otherwise be thrown out, piquette can be made from countless varieties of grape remains that winemakers are left with after bottling their traditional wines. The centuries-old method is known to have been enjoyed by vineyard workers and family members; it’s characterized by an exciting jolt of fizz and a lower ABV (usually between 4 to 9 percent)

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