'Blanc', or Blanc de Noirs is our white Pinot Noir made by quickly pressing and discarding the red skins, to maintain a light, bright and off-white wine.

While more commonly done for sparkling whites (and Champagne), ours is a still wine. This was a new one for us, and although we were really excited to make a true red Pinot Noir with these grapes, there were some issues with 2021 you might remember... 💨🔥  a LOT of forest fires in the Okanagan.

Some wineries lost or scrapped entire harvests because of the smoke last summer, and since you can't often detect smoke taint until the late stages of winemaking and resting in barrel, we opted to try a 'blanc' instead – and while we're on the topic, we're very pleased to announce that there's no taint 🙏 .


You might ask:  "What about your skin contact wines?"

Good question. And since we're probably most well known for our Haze and 'Orange' wines that involve 1-3 weeks of skin contact, for those wines we decided to gamble a little and still commit to skin contact for 2021. In short, we came out lucky and the vineyards we sourced from didn't have trouble with the smoke and fire. 


You can find the 'blanc'  here